How To Use WhatsApp Catalog

how to use whatsapp business catalog

If you sell on WhatsApp, you agree that it could be tiring having to send product pictures, description and prices to everyone that messages to ask about your products. Imagine sorting through your gallery looking for pictures to send to customers every single time. Now imagine an instance where all you have to send is a single link that carries your product images (as many as you have), product description and prices to customers, easy and fast right? That’s what you get with the new “WhatsApp Business Catalog” feature. This guide will describe what this feature is and how to use it.

What is the WhatsApp Business Catalog?

WhatsApp catalogs act as a mobile e-commerce store allowing you a business owner to showcase and share your products so people can easily browse and discover something they would like to buy. For instance, you post a nice image of a product on your status with an attractive caption and people start messaging you asking for more pictures, information, and even price. Before now, you had to type all your responses and check through your gallery to sort pictures to send to them, with this new feature you only need to share your product from your catalog and the intending buyer will receive all the information they need about the product, additional images and the price.

Who can use WhatsApp Catalog

The catalog is suitable for almost all kinds of businesses. Whether you run a serviced or product based business. Catalogs are a great way to show prospective clients the services/products you are offering.

Why use WhatsApp Catalog

  • Free to use
  • Easy to use
  • Enjoy more visibility for your products
  • Help keep your products organized
  • Helps your customers make easier decisions

Setting up your Catalog

How to create your WhatsApp Catalog

  1. Launch the WhatsApp Business app.

  2. Tap on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner and select Settings from the menu in the case of Android. On iPhone, tap on Settings at the bottom.

  3. Tap on Business settings followed by Catalog.

  4. You will be taken to the Catalog manager. If you are using the feature for the first time, tap on Add product or service. Alternatively, tap on the green add icon to start creating a product catalog.

  5. On the next screen, you will find the various fields for your product such as name, price, description, website, and product code. Once you have added all the required details, tap on Save at the top.

  6. Your product will not immediately go live. That’s why you will see a tiny green clock-like icon on the product. It indicates that WhatsApp is currently reviewing your product. Once approved, the green icon will vanish, and the product will go live.

Sharing your Catalog

There are 2 major methods to share your catalogs

Method 1: Share Catalogs with a Single Person

WhatsApp provides a dedicated button for catalog in each chat for business owners. So, open the conversation of the person with which you want to share the catalogs.
Tap on the attachment icon (looks like a paper clip) on Android and the add icon (plus sign) on iPhone. Select Catalog from the list.

Tap on the products that you want to share and hit the send icon.

how to use whatsapp business catalog

Method 2: Share Catalogs with Multiple People

If you desire to share your catalog with several people at the same time, you will have to open the Catalog Manager in your WhatsApp Business. Follow these steps:

1: Open WhatsApp Business Settings from the three-dot icon in Android and the bottom tab on an iPhone.

how to use whatsapp business catalog
how to use whatsapp business catalog

2: Go to Business settings followed by Catalog.

how to use whatsapp business catalog
how to use whatsapp business catalog

3: Tap on the product that you want to share and hit the share icon on the next screen. Select the people with whom you want to share it.

Now you know how to sell more of your products on WhatsApp without stress. Cheers to more sales

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